His Silver Sonic has “mystical abilities”

Yesterday started out as a super-stressy, all-round shitty day.
Then I got my Silver Sonic! Just in time to head to practice.
Zero buyers regret. I’ve heard tell of amps with the mystical ability to make you forget about your pedals. It happened!
I can honestly say that I haven’t had that much satisfaction playing guitar in a long time.
A joyful end to a crap day.
Thanks man!

Matt 071912

Victoria Reverberammo sighting

John Legend with Blake Mills and his Victoria Reverberammo #1

John Legend with Blake Mills and Blake’s Victoria Reverberammo #1

“The tone and build quality are amazing”

Mark and Maureen,
The amp (Victorilux 3×10) arrived today in perfect condition and working order. In addition to being one of the most beautiful pieces of equipment I’ve ever seen, the tone and build quality are amazing. I’ve been playing it with my two main guitar’s for last two hours dialing in the EQ. I was very confident that this was going to be exactly what I was looking for, and I was right. Thank you very much for expediting my order and building me such an incredible instrument, greatly appreciate!

Michael P

“Can’t imagine an amp sounding better….Morgan Music ALWAYS stands by their word”

I can’t imagine this amp (Silver Sonic) sounding any better than it already does. Man, I LOVE your products. Would like to add another Vicky Bassman to my Victoria collection someday. Then maybe another Pro. I’m very serious when I say there are no better amps anywhere in the world than yours. And I’ve had a s###load of high dollar boutique and production amps.

I’m also glad you got hooked up with a store like Morgan Music. I’ve been doing business with them for about 9 years and have never had any issues with them. Every transaction was smooth as silk and they ALWAYS stand
by their word. Alvin is a man of the very highest integrity as is his staff. I believe you both have great integrity. You should get along very well with Morgan Music. My 2 cents.

Tom W 07/20/2017

John Mayer Loves His Reverberatos

john mayer reverberatos
Check out John Mayer and his Reverberatos playing with Dead and Company this summer at a nearby stadium.

See why it’s “The Amp Eliminator”

Hi Mark,
Just briefly letting you know, I purchased an Electro King head from you in 2015 and it has really exceeded my expectations. I have tried and bought so many boutique amps and been disappointed with many but this one is the real deal. It caused me to sell all my other amps which sounded inferior to the Electro King. Hence I have named it the amp eliminator!
I usually run it through a 12 inch Weber speaker, but as a trick to reduce volume but let you turn up the amp volume so it sounds better, I also run it through a 6 inch Jensen reissue C6V speaker mounted in an old Jamo bookshelf hifi speaker box. Sounds incredible with any guitar but my Gibson ES-330 sounds like it probably did in the late 50s. Thanks again for the great amp! Hope you are well.
Robert V

Roger says, “Best sounding and most fun I’ve ever had with an amp”

I have played about 100 different amps. I have owned about 50 different amps. Half of those boutique. Owned Dr.Z, Fender custom shop, Swart, etc. . I don’t throw out compliments easy. I talked with you on the phone a few days ago. Bought a trem deluxe. Here’s my point. Best sounding and most fun I’ve ever had with amp. I might sleep with this thing tonight. Cannot stop playing. This has saved me from getting a little burned out in playing. Thinking about buying your champ version. Wow! Just can’t believe this amp. Thank you for making me smile since I Bought. Trem is amazing. Tone range is amazing. So many options for limited versatility amp. Just wow!!

Roger J 2/15/17

A Happy Silver Sonic Customer “…your amps are simple, straight forward and pure”

I rarely write reviews on products I purchase; I typically do enough research to know exactly what I’m getting. If I do it’s only one of three reasons; the product failed miserably, there are features that may be confusing and worth explaining or calling out to the company, or the product exceeded my expectations. Your amps exceeded my expectations in every way, and I’d like to take the time to offer my praise.
I recently purchased your Silver Sonic amplifier after researching and testing various amps for a period of almost 5 years. During this time I bought 2 amps, a 65 Super Reverb
Reissue, and a Marshall JTM 1 Watt. While each is good in its own way they lacked something. The 65 Super Reverb was the best but I couldn’t get the tone I wanted at a reasonable volume, and the Marshall was a one trick pony. After comparing numerous name brands and boutique amps I determined exactly what I wanted: an amp similar to the Super Reverb but below 30 watts. I went through a number of brands, such as Reeves and even some Mojo Tone amps I got the chance to play, but your amps stood out. I have only personally gotten to play a few of your smaller models so I bought the Silver Sonic brand new site unseen and unheard based solely on the performance of amps like the Ivy League, 518 and 5112, and the fact that the Silver Sonic had similar features to the Super Reverb. Your amps are simple; straight forward, and pure. I can play bebop just as easily as I can play Stevie Ray, and the tone is amazing. No pedals, no
tricks; just simple well-made amps. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and enjoyed the research and hours I spent testing your other models. None of them left me wondering whether or not I was playing a great amp. You’ve made amazing products and should be proud of your work; they are in my opinion the finest amps on the market.

John R

Bob Margolin Talks About His Victoria Amplifiers

I’ve used Victoria amplifiers since the mid-‘90s. My Tweed Deluxe started out as a real Fender, and it was rebuilt once for more power, but Mark Baier retained only the original chassis and transformed it into a Victoria in 1999. I have a 4-10” Bassman style Victoria from 1996. It works great and it’s now on loan to Colorado guitar monster Austin Young. My “soulmate” guitar amp is the Victoria Regal. Mark brought one by a recording session I was doing, Koko Taylor’s last album, in 2006. From the description, it sounded perfect for me. It’s completely customizable by what kind and how many power tubes you use. It can play loud enough to lead a Blues Band with it, or get the same sound at studio volume. It has an open, airy sound that old Supro amps have. I was not surprised to hear that the Regal’s design is related to Supro design. It runs in Class A. The best way I can describe what that sounds like is…you know how classic amps sound balanced and sweet or crunchy when you crank ‘em? That’s often accomplished fine with Class AB amps. Going to class A, usually done in smaller old amps like Champs, is one more step in that direction of an amplifier that sings, rather than just delivers, your guitar sound. It MAKES you want to pla better because it sounds so good. Naturally, I bought the amp that Mark brought to the Koko session. I’ve been using it more than 10 years now, and I still find the sound unmatched. If it breaks, the problem is usually a tube. Mark said “built like a tank” when he designed this one. Every night I play on the Regal someone, musician or not, compliments me on my tone and asks about the amp. I can’t carry a Regal with me when I fly, and I often find myself playing through standard backlines provided. Very often they sound fine, but when I get to a gig where I can bring my own amp, “coming home” to the Regal is always sweet and redeeming. Like the B.B. album of the same name, “Live at The Regal” is special for me.
Take a listen…

April 2016: “I Shall Prevail” Live at Fur Peace Ranch, with Tad Walters playing harp through a Victoria Tweed Deluxe and Bob Margolin Telecaster through his Victoria Regal, with reverb and tremolo. https://youtu.be/gONUWksey1Y

April 2016: “Goodnight” at Fur Peace Ranch. Features the Regal with a clean, transparent, detailed, touch-sensitive guitar sound with the majestic Reverb, then just turned up a little on the guitar to make the guitar sing. No pedals. https://youtu.be/R5Ow5PUPVGA

From July 2016, Live in Lynchburg. Rhythm & Blues with desperate lead guitars, no
bass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kac6TrRb78s

“My Whole Life” from my new album “My Road.” I’m using the Regal in the studiohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvILJWojaSM

I am Bob Margolin and I approve this testimony. I’m not running for president, but please vote for me (if you see that I’m up for a music award).

Welcome to our newest dealer, Midwood Guitar Studio in Charlotte, NC

Please help us welcome our newest dealer, Midwood Guitar Studio, in Charlotte, NC.

Doug Armstrong had a vision and a desire to see a boutique guitar shop open in Charlotte for years.  He has begun construction on his new showroom in the heart of Plaza Midwood and plans a grand opening by the end August. We’ll keep you updated on any information we have on his big reveal but until then you can reach him at his website at midwoodguitarstudio.com.  He has a selection of Victoria amplifiers ready and waiting to be shipped to you.

Good luck Doug.

Doug Loves his Silver Sonic

I don’t know whether you get tired of Fan Mail but tonight was the first night that I opened her (Silver Sonic) up on the stage with other musicians.   It was glorious.  I played a Strat and turned the reverb up fairly far. The band
and the audience was pretty well mesmerized and I received many compliments.  I felt extremely free and did
everything from rhythm playing to big bends in a trio.  I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.  Thanks
for an excellent amplifier.

Shoals Guitar Boutique joins Victoria Family

We welcome Shoals Guitar Boutique of Tuscumbia, Alabama into the Victoria Family.  Don and Alana Parker will open their fully stocked boutique in mid February.  Drop by and tell them “Victoria sent me!” Good luck Don and Alana.

Versatility and Great Tone….

From the desk of Tom H, Sedona, AZ

Versatility and great tone, the 20112 Tweed Deluxe.  What more do you need?  Thank you for a great amp.

Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin with his Victoria Golden Melody

Bob Margolin at the Petrillo Band Shell for the Chicago Blues Festival on June 14, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.


Chicago Musician “Tone Hammer” aka Mark Riordan

Mark Riordan

Victoria Amplifier Covers available for all models

Model 518, 5112, 20112, Ivy League     $50

Models 35210, 35115, Regal, Victoriette, Reverberato   $60

Models Golden Melody, Silver Sonic, Cherry Bomb, Electro King, Victorilux, Double Deluxe, 35310, 45410, 50212, 80212   $75

Cinnamon colored “Marine” Heavy Duty Vinyl.  “Victoria” logo screened on front

Made to order.  Call 630-820-6400


FullSizeRender (1)

Hillbilly Rockstarz Scott Lewis with his Victoriette

HR at TK 3 2014_00044scott.1

Welcome to our newest International dealer-Gitarren Oase

Please help us welcome to the family our newest dealer, Gitarren Oase in Baden Switzerland.   In the guitar oasis they love high-quality materials and the unique beauty of fine craftsmanship!  Therefore, in the oasis guitar you will find exclusively hand-made guitars and amplifiers that were made with love, passion and the finest materials. Contact them at www gitarrenoase.ch.  

20112-“The most beautiful sounding amp I have ever played”…Leslie T

I am very pleased with the new Victoria 20112 that arrived yesterday. This is the most beautiful sounding amplifier I have ever played. I play finger-style blues and rags at conversation-level volume. So I am deeply impressed the warmth, the full-body and clarity of the notes as they emerge from this amplifier. It really speaks to me!
I very much appreciate the high-level of attention to detail that goes into the components, the wiring and into the cabinet construction as well.  This unit surpasses my expectaions on all fronts.
Thank you for producing such fine amplifiers and for the kindness you show to your customers.
Leslie T.

Send us your photos

Do you have a Victoria amplifier?  Send us your pictures and we’ll post them on the website.  We want to create a “Family Album” and need your input.

Understanding Your Output Transformer Part One by Mark Baier

In today’s world, the role of an amplifier’s output transformer (OT) is well known. As guitarists discover this critical link between your power tubes and the speakers, the important effect it has on your amplifier’s character becomes obvious. In response, an entire cottage industry has arisen to provide tweak happy guitarists with upgraded power and output “iron.” Indeed, the choices for replacing the output tranny for a typical 6L6 powered amp are legion, and discriminating one from another can be confusing to say the least. Comprehending the complexities ain’t for the faint of heart and mind! However, there is one attribute that is easily recognizable, and understanding it is surprisingly simple. Folks, the size of your transformer matters!

A transformer has two basic components, the stack, which is the steel part you see, and the windings, which are the thousands of turns of copper wire tucked around the stack. Both the stack and the windings will determine the performance of an output transformer. To understand the role of the stack, a trip back to Leo Fender’s world of the 1950s is in order.

Back in the day, the most common source of amp failure was the speaker. A high powered Altec industrial speaker was maybe 25 watts, and top of the line Jensen guitar speakers were rarely over 15 watts. A vintage P10R was a whopping 9 watts! This presented a problem for Fender. His wide range, high fidelity guitar amps were driven by two 6L6s, which by mid decade had evolved into a 40 watt power plant. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when you push 40 watts of amplifier through a 15-watt speaker, something’s gotta give.  Eventually, the speaker overheats and fails, and when that happens, it can wreak havoc in a vacuum tube amp.

Leo Fender’s problem was obvious: How to get the maximum from the available Jensen speakers without risking catastrophic failure. Because of the basic physics of output transformers, he was able to solve the problem and create many of the classic tones we now treasure at the same time. Fender knew that the low frequencies were the factor most responsible for speaker overheating. It’s elementary; the lower you go, the more difficult it is for the electronics to swallow. And here’s where the transformer comes into the equation. In an output transformer, the low frequency response is largely governed by the size or mass of the stack. The bigger the stack, the lower it will go without saturating. (That’s why an SVT weighs so much, its OT is the size of a Oldsmobile!).

What Leo did, his genius, was to deliberately inhibit the low frequency response of the amplifier by diminishing the actual size of the output transformer. Now the 40 watts of low end that the tubes are delivering will never get to the speaker because it’s saturating in a smaller OT. Doing this had the unintended benefit of creating the creamy compression that’s so sonically satisfying. There is a specific, sweet distortion to be found here, and it’s the type that’s only revealed when the amplifier is driving the output transformer into saturation. The sense of a tube amp “opening up” and producing a singing overdriven note is certainly a function of the transformer compressing and putting it’s signature on things.

The ’50s amps that are most renowned for having this smaller OT are the (tweed) 5E5 Pro, 5F4 Super, and 5E7 Bandmaster/ Prior to this, the OT’s used for two 6L6s were larger than those found here. In fact, the original data sheet for a Triad 45216 Super OT (dated 03/57) specifically notes a “restricted low frequency response” in the description. It also lists the wattage as 40 watts from two 5881s in push-pull. Comparatively, the spec sheet for a 5F6 Bassman indicates the use of a larger stack for the same configuration of 5881s. This basic transformer architecture has remained unchanged to this day. The Blackface Vibrolux, Vibroverb, and Pro Reverb all share this smaller OT, and it is a key ingredient to the vibe of these amps. (The part that Fender produces today is literally identical to the 1950s specifications).

Who doesn’t think a Vibrolux is sweeter sounding than a Super Reverb? Now you know why. Amps that use this smaller 28-watt transformer are always going to have that certain compression and dynamic that defines an output transformer going into saturation. In contrast, the larger Bassman/Super Reverb trannies will relate the vacuum tube and circuits’ clipping before the tranny hits the ceiling, which accounts for the fast, grainy bite that the larger amps display. It should be noted that the actual volume difference is indistinguishable between the two. It is the tonal dynamics that are discernibly different.

The next time you have an urge to experiment with aftermarket transformers, and Lord knows there are a lot to choose from, consider the performance enhancing possibilities that the smaller tweed Super or blackface Vibrolux output transformer has to offer. It might be exactly what you need to tame an unruly Super Reverb or 4X10 Bassman. Not only will you be traveling the same path as Leo, you’ll be mining some great tone in the process!
Mark Baier is the owner and founder of Victoria Amplifiersvictoriaamp.com

– See more at: http://www.guitarplayer.com/Default.aspx?tabid=259&EntryId=930#sthash.dfrCpuWg.dpuf

Model 20112….No question, just praise!!

Question: No question just praise.
I have 29 guitars and 8 amps
early 70’s super reverb
evh 50 watt head into a 2×12 evh
59 bassman ltd reissue tweed
blues junior fully modded tweed
blues junior nos tweed
pro junior tweed
Vox ac15c2 twin
amd……………. and ………….and the best amp I have, the best sounding amp ……..a VICTORIA 20112 Tweed
Fantastic amp I love it.
Eric (Canada)
If you want the best, get a Victoria.

Golden Melody….the beginning of the apocalypse?

For the past two years, at least one person at every gig asks me what year my amplifier is from. They are never expecting me to say it is a 2010 Golden Melody. As a gear nut I have a little speech at the ready about how the whole thing is built with super parts and combines the best aspects of the eras of fender amps; while, most importantly, forming a new sound. The super sound!!!
Last night something happened that was a first for me. Loading out from a gig I was stopped by someone curious about my amp. His reaction was similar to when Indiana Jones first saw the ark of the covenant. He actually began pleading with me to carry it; promising that he would be careful and I had nothing to worry about. So, I let him pick it up and follow me out to my car. When we are outside I hear, “What the hell are you doing?” The man carrying my amp was the drummer in a band who had been playing down the street and the man yelling was the guitar player in the band. I come to find out that he has never once helped carry his guitarist’s equipment. The man was convinced he was carrying something special.
In the end what I am getting at is vibe. Your amps have the sound, the look, and the craftsmanship to draw attention, but all of that adds up to more. The vibe of victoria amplifiers is greater than the sum of its parts.
And in the end, the victoria golden melody may usher in the apocalypse…if drummers continue to beg to carry it.

Your amps are the best.

Dan T.

Customer review of Ivy League 2×10 V-front

Subject: Ivy League V Front (2×10)
Hi Mark,
Thankyou for making such an exceptional amp. It has great tonal character with a wide range of useful timbre. The warm treble, the chime-like and  harmonically rich output is a constant source of delight.
Thanks again and best regards,
Nick W-Australia

Corey Giles Rockin’ with his Victoria Golden Melody

Christmas Is Right Around the Corner!

Christmas time is almost upon us…so why not buy that person you love the most obviously amazing present in the world???

A NEW VICTORIA AMPLIFIER! Contact your local dealer to see what they have in stock or contact us directly and we can point you in the right direction.


Joe Bonamassa and his ‘live’ Victoria Setup!

Who other then the great Joe Bonamassa tweeted today a picture of his stage setup, two rockin’ Victoria Golden Melody’s!

Oh yeah, enjoy the new website!


Joe's Tweet!

Silver Sonic Review in Vintage Guitar

The good folks over at Vintage Guitar recently reviewed the Silver Sonic to glowing reviews. They pinned the Silver Sonic for exactly what it is, a well-rounded, tone machine with superb reverb and the best tremolo around. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

View the review below:

Vintage Guitar Silver Sonic Review

[slideshow id=13]

Demo Video From Our Good Friends at Chicago Music Exchange

One of the best shops in Chicago, Chicago Music Exchange, recently did a couple demo videos and they ran them through some of your amps. Check them out here! Don’t forget, swing by Chicago Music Exchange to see their huge line of vintage gear, Victoria Amps, and all sorts of wild gear.

Thanks guys!

Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys Amp Rig Explained! Ft. Victoria Amplifiers!

The great folks over at Premier Guitar got a behind the scenes look with Dan Auerbach’s guitar tech to show Dan’s very impressive Amplifier and Guitar rig. The best part of the video…Dan’s been using a Victoria Double Deluxe for his clean tones on his most recent tour! His tech explains more about how he uses his Victoria and the settings he likes. Check it out!


Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys Amp Rig Explained! Ft. Victoria Amplifiers!

The great folks over at Premier Guitar got a behind the scenes look with Dan Auerbach’s guitar tech to show Dan’s very impressive Amplifier and Guitar rig. The best part of the video…Dan’s been using a Victoria Double Deluxe for his clean tones on his most recent tour! His tech explains more about how he uses his Victoria and the settings he likes. Check it out!


Hold Fast: Sailor Jerry Interviews Mark Baier

Greetings Victoria Amplifier fans!

Recently, Victoria Amp President Mark Baier did a very cool video interview with “Hold Fast”, a web series run by Sailor Jerry that shows entrepreneurs , artists, and creative individuals and how they are making an impact through innovative. Check out the interview below!


Newest Dealer-The Amp House in Scottsboro, AL!

We’d like to welcome The Amp House to our extensive dealer network in the United States. The Amp House carries a variety of high-end guitar gear, now including the best amps money can buy, Victoria Amplifiers!

Check out The Amp House at www.TheAmpHouse.com.

The Amp House
103 Woods Cove Rd.
Scottsboro AL 35768

PRESS RELEASE: Silver Sonic & Cherry Bomb

November 15, 2011


Just in time for holiday volume, Victoria Amplifier Company announces the arrival of the Silver Sonic and Cherry Bomb combos to its stable of professional guitar amplifiers.

The dual 6V6 powered Silver Sonic features the classic 5F6-A architecture combined with 100% tube reverb and harmonic filter vibrato all in a 1X12 combo cabinet. At 20W, it delivers rich dimensional performance for intimate gig or studio use. The Silver Sonic’s tweed heritage is evident with every note, administering a luxurious pallet of tones, from sweet cleans to aggressive overdriven flavors. Harmonic filter vibrato adds 3D sonic imagining unlike any other amp (except the Victoria Golden Melody!). Full size Accutronic tank is standard in the all tube reverb circuit. The Silver Sonic brings the huge spatial performance of the Golden Melody in a lower wattage, studio-friendly package. One strum and you’ll be a believer. Two tone cabinetry available in black and sonic blue or black and cream. 1XGZ-34, 2 X 6V6GT, 5 X 12AX7, 1 X 12AT7 (NOS), 1 12” Victoria speaker. $3395.00 list

The Cherry Bomb is a fire-breathing dual 6L6 version of our popular “Electro King” amp. The 1X15 Cherry Bomb takes the classic 15w “GA-40 LP” amplifier and juices it up to a full 40W of cathode biased 6L6 vacuum tube power. The additional output section octane allows the feral power of the 5879 preamp tubes that are at the heart of the Cherry Bombs to fully reveal their explosive performance. Extraordinary dynamics and touch sensitivity are the hallmarks of this amplifier. Separate tremolo channel employs the same NOS 6SQ7 as the Electro King for authentic 1950’s wobble. Fully foot-switchable and offered in a classic 2-tone cabinet, the Cherry Bomb is the sonic explosion that you control! 1 X 5U4, 2 X 6L6, 1 X 12AX7, 1 X 6SQ7(NOS), 2 X 5879(NOS). $2995.00 list

Visit us at victoriaamplifier.com or give us a call at 630-820-6400.

Mark with prototype Amp

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