Bob Margolin Talks About His Victoria Amplifiers

I’ve used Victoria amplifiers since the mid-‘90s. My Tweed Deluxe started out as a real Fender, and it was rebuilt once for more power, but Mark Baier retained only the original chassis and transformed it into a Victoria in 1999. I have a 4-10” Bassman style Victoria from 1996. It works great and it’s now on loan to Colorado guitar monster Austin Young. My “soulmate” guitar amp is the Victoria Regal. Mark brought one by a recording session I was doing, Koko Taylor’s last album, in 2006. From the description, it sounded perfect for me. It’s completely customizable by what kind and how many power tubes you use. It can play loud enough to lead a Blues Band with it, or get the same sound at studio volume. It has an open, airy sound that old Supro amps have. I was not surprised to hear that the Regal’s design is related to Supro design. It runs in Class A. The best way I can describe what that sounds like is…you know how classic amps sound balanced and sweet or crunchy when you crank ‘em? That’s often accomplished fine with Class AB amps. Going to class A, usually done in smaller old amps like Champs, is one more step in that direction of an amplifier that sings, rather than just delivers, your guitar sound. It MAKES you want to pla better because it sounds so good. Naturally, I bought the amp that Mark brought to the Koko session. I’ve been using it more than 10 years now, and I still find the sound unmatched. If it breaks, the problem is usually a tube. Mark said “built like a tank” when he designed this one. Every night I play on the Regal someone, musician or not, compliments me on my tone and asks about the amp. I can’t carry a Regal with me when I fly, and I often find myself playing through standard backlines provided. Very often they sound fine, but when I get to a gig where I can bring my own amp, “coming home” to the Regal is always sweet and redeeming. Like the B.B. album of the same name, “Live at The Regal” is special for me.
Take a listen…

April 2016: “I Shall Prevail” Live at Fur Peace Ranch, with Tad Walters playing harp through a Victoria Tweed Deluxe and Bob Margolin Telecaster through his Victoria Regal, with reverb and tremolo.

April 2016: “Goodnight” at Fur Peace Ranch. Features the Regal with a clean, transparent, detailed, touch-sensitive guitar sound with the majestic Reverb, then just turned up a little on the guitar to make the guitar sing. No pedals.

From July 2016, Live in Lynchburg. Rhythm & Blues with desperate lead guitars, no

“My Whole Life” from my new album “My Road.” I’m using the Regal in the studio

I am Bob Margolin and I approve this testimony. I’m not running for president, but please vote for me (if you see that I’m up for a music award).

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