Golden Melody….the beginning of the apocalypse?

For the past two years, at least one person at every gig asks me what year my amplifier is from. They are never expecting me to say it is a 2010 Golden Melody. As a gear nut I have a little speech at the ready about how the whole thing is built with super parts and combines the best aspects of the eras of fender amps; while, most importantly, forming a new sound. The super sound!!!
Last night something happened that was a first for me. Loading out from a gig I was stopped by someone curious about my amp. His reaction was similar to when Indiana Jones first saw the ark of the covenant. He actually began pleading with me to carry it; promising that he would be careful and I had nothing to worry about. So, I let him pick it up and follow me out to my car. When we are outside I hear, “What the hell are you doing?” The man carrying my amp was the drummer in a band who had been playing down the street and the man yelling was the guitar player in the band. I come to find out that he has never once helped carry his guitarist’s equipment. The man was convinced he was carrying something special.
In the end what I am getting at is vibe. Your amps have the sound, the look, and the craftsmanship to draw attention, but all of that adds up to more. The vibe of victoria amplifiers is greater than the sum of its parts.
And in the end, the victoria golden melody may usher in the apocalypse…if drummers continue to beg to carry it.

Your amps are the best.

Dan T.

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