I have named it the “Amp Eliminator”

Hi Mark,
Just briefly letting you know, I purchased an Electro King head from you in 2015 and it has really exceeded my expectations. I have tried and bought so many boutique amps and been disappointed with many but this one is the real deal. It caused me to sell all my other amps which sounded inferior to the Electro King. Hence I have named it the amp eliminator!
I usually run it through a 12 inch Weber speaker, but as a trick to reduce volume but let you turn up the amp volume so it sounds better, I also run it through a 6 inch Jensen reissue C6V speaker mounted in an old Jamo bookshelf hifi speaker box. Sounds incredible with any guitar but my Gibson ES-330 sounds like it probably did in the late 50s. Thanks again for the great amp! Hope you are well.
Robert V 05/01/17

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